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FSAI Corporate Training System

Effectively Deploying Talents with Cutting-Edge Technology

Raise Effectiveness of Allocating Suitable Manpower

As an Employee


Improve Corporate Cohesion

Compared with traditional trainings, FSAI training solutions adopt micro-learning courses in combination with the patented motivation model to enhance flexibility of learning and minimize staff training hours.


Create a Continuous Learning Atmosphere

Incorporates gamification and reward system to not merely enhance the employees’ learning motivation but also reduce stress level, which enables a proactive learning environment for employees in long term.

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The Ai system provides the most suitable training based on learner's performance, ensuring to optimize learning outcomes and efficiency would not be affected by the level of content.

Patented Motivation Model


Detect learners’ emotions and concentration level in real-time when answering questions during trainings. Provides the corporate trainers with a concise and precise chart for reference.

Emotional Recognition System


The big data system evaluates  learning progress of each learner. Trace and compare with other learners through deep knowledge, and creates a learning curve to predict employees’ performance.

Performance Prediction

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As an Employer/ Corporate


Enhance Human Resources Management

Based on the characteristics of learners and the indicators obtained from the training, the system can deploy employees to suitable positions, in order to optimize the capabilities of the talent.


Reduce Corporate Training Costs

Corporates can arrange pinpointed tutors for employers based on the system’s analytics of one’s ability. Employees need not to spend extra time in attending course and raise effectiveness while reducing training costs.

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